”Blogs are dead.”

“Blogs don’t matter.” 

“You don’t need blogs.” 

I hear this shit every other day.

I dedicate this to anybody who I thinking about venturing into a field and hear similar remarks above about the shit they wanna do. 

If I learned anything from the time I started blogging is that society is fickle. Ridiculously fickle. If I moved whenever society or the general consensus told me to move I’d be lost as fuck. Things are dead to people when it can’t be used to their advantage anymore or not deemed as “cool.” 

I’ve heard it all. Youtube channels and vlogging are dead. This style of videography is dead. Podcasts are dead. Writing is dead. Blogging is dead and yet here I am, a chill nigga from St.Louis who’s blog is being read in over 100 countries. 

Nothing dies. There’s just rebirth. Especially content. Content will never die no matter what form the content is in. I started blogging when people said it was dead. Had people look at me funny when I said I would start a blog. The typical “Who reads blogs” look. But they didn’t consider one thing……. 


You have to have that same mentality when someone tell you that what you’re attempting to do is pointless. 

The one driving force for me to start blogging was that I didn’t want to do what every other writer/blogger was doing. I never read blogs even when they were popular according to society. When I was building this site I was looking at other blogs for the first time and I was taking mental notes on what I didn’t want to do. I wanted to do everything the opposite of what they were doing. That outcome was inevitable because my personality was already different from every blogger I saw.

There’s 7 billion people in the world and you telling me a million people out of that 7 wouldn’t read a blog that they relate to? The thought of that just sounds dumb. You have sites like Medium that has millions of readers. My Pinterest stays crackin cause of my blog. I have 20,000 monthly visitors on Pinterest from blogging. My most popular post in my sites history have been from music reviews but blogging about music dead right? No matter the form of the content if you present it in a unique and relatable way people will digest it and come back for more. 

Blogging is the reason why I have a great podcast. Blogging is why I’ve met and become friends with some great minds inside and outside of St.Louis. Blogging is why I have a media company. Blogging is the reason I’m becoming an author. Blogging is the foundation of everything that has been successful for me the past 3 years. 

I had this daydream where I saw this junction and of course you can only go left or right and in the right lane I seen everybody going that way. The people who go into the right lane are the people who say “things are dead” and move when society says move. They believe that everything they do is original but they’re copying just like everyone else. Everyone is copying. Everybody. Your idols. Yourself. People who you think are icons. They’re copying. There’s no idea original. I noticed that the left lane had road closed barricades in front of it. Yellow caution tape. Orange construction lights. It looked like danger if you went in that lane. I walked towards it and countless people were telling me not to go in the left lane. When I asked them “Why?” No one gave me a straight or logical answer. All they told me was “Look, it says Road Closed” and that’s it. I walked towards the left lane and climbed over the road closed sign and when I went beyond it there was nothing. Just me and a few others who shared the same sentiments about what society deems cool or lame, alive or dead. I was surrounded by people who just wanted to be in the lane they created for themselves and not persuaded by what the “culture” says is in style. The left lane not easier, it’s not glorified or glamorous. It’s not gonna get us to the promised land faster. We just knew it was meant for us. It was OUR lane. The lane we wanted and needed to stay in. 

Moral of the story, the road not closed cause people or society says it is. It’s closed because they don’t understand it. 


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