Of course someone at Complex has a trash ass opinion as usual lets start there. One of my friends work there and I believe she’s the only person opinion I actually value. Anyway. 

Michael B. Jordan portrayal as Killmonger is one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen for a villain. Let’s just start with the acting. The acting was awful. The “Hey Auntie” line wack. The terrible speech before falling over dead wack. The only good scene was the museum scene. To even be mentioned in the same breath as Heath Ledger’s Joker was some of the most ridiculous shit I ever read. Killmonger looks like a nigga who wants to hear Childish Gambino “This Is America” at a kickback or function. That nigga a weenie.

I can name at least 7 or more villains that are better than Killmonger because he’s mid. 



This might have been the baddest bitch in movie history. She came in and looked at 2 of the most powerful Gods in the universe like they weren’t shit and beat they ass. Broke this nigga Thor hammer like she broke a nail and continued to take over Asgard. They tried to hide her from Asgard history and she came back like “Nigga you thought!” And took over the trap. This bitch took over Asgard faster than Chris Brown’s death in Stomp The Yard. She is easily Top 5 villain in the M.C.U and Thor Ragnorok is a top 3 MCU film. Please start putting some respect on her name. If you talk top villains and don’t bring up Hela you have no business talking this nerd shit. 



Man Of Steel was a decent film. One of the few films that was watchable that came from D.C films. Even though the lack of character development hurt Man Of Steel from being an all time great hero film it was still watchable because of General Zod. This mothafucka said 

“I exist only to protect Krypton. That is my sole purpose for which I was born and every action I take, no matter how violent, or how cruel, is for the greater good of my people.” 


General Zod is everything y’all weirdos try to make Killmonger out to be except Zod is more violent and straight to the point. Zod puts Krypton over all. This weird hotep haircut having nigga Killmonger just wants to sell weapons. Zod almost took over Earth. This Hebrew Israelite ass nigga Killmonger wants to sell AK’s to niggas named Vladimir. Fuck outta here bruh. 



Captain America Winter Soldier might be the greatest superhero movie ever. The action. The character development. The fight choreography. The story telling. The political implications. It’s a flawless film. Winter Soldier is quiet, beats niggas the fuck up, and is a straight killer/assassin.  He gave Captain America the fade for over 2 hours straight but does he get credit? No. You weird niggas are telling me a nigga with 4 lonely dreads over his face like he in a In Living Color skit is the greatest villain since The Joker. A nigga who didn’t even want the fade when T’Challa came back. Are you kidding me? You know how hard it is to make an impactful villain in a movie with little to no dialogue? Winter Soldier embodies that. You niggas funny homie. 



THIS MOTHAFUCKA SAVED THE THOR TRILOGY!!! Thor is a dope superhero. My dad’s favorite hero was Thor and my dad’s Thor comic collection is crazy! Thor is the strongest Avenger by far and the strongest hero period and he had 2 snooze fest ass movies and Loki was the only interesting thing about those movies. You think Killmonger can carry 2 movies with the action of a Will and Grace marathon? Fuck no. Loki is cunning, a diva, manipulative, intelligent, damn near a fashion icon the nigga can dress. He the A$AP Rocky of the M.C.U



Again! Another villain who gets ZERO respect and it’s sickening. Michael Keaton KILLED this role. The depth of Vulture in Spider Man Homecoming is super underrated and the writing for him made you give a fuck about his unfortunate situation he was going through. He stole things to build his shit like a real life Vulture. Vulture’s make something out of nothing. They’re scavengers. The scene where he figures out Peter is Spider-Man and Peter figures out he’s Vulture was dope as fuck and better than any dialogue that T’Challa and Killmonger had with each other throughout the entire Black Panther film. 



This nigga got the short end of the stick and he was STILL better Killmonger. Ebony Maw was a MONSTER in the comics and wouldn’t have been defeated so easily as it was portrayed in The third Avengers film but Ebony Maw was a mothafucka that owned shit. His telekinesis was so fluid. He made Doctor Strange look like a straight bitch at his own game. The Black Order was NERFED in their appearance to appeal to the non hardcore fans and that’s why people got Ebony Maw fucked up. 



So all this “Killmonger was Malcolm X” bullshit you dweebs been saying is false as fuck compared to this version of Magneto portrayed by Michael Fassbender. That’s the most frustrating take on Killmonger is that he had this insightful philosophy and that his mentality is misunderstood. Malcolm X cared about his people. Killmonger did not. Malcolm X was “Any Means Necessary” against his oppressors. Killmonger was not. He was willing to work with his oppressors not kill them. Killmonger would kill anybody that stopped him from executing his plan which had nothing to do with Wakandans. He was for self and self only. Magneto had the Malcolm X ideology. Not Killmonger. Magneto cared about mutants. The only time Magneto killed mutants was when they sided with his oppressors which were humans. He welcomed all mutants into his fold and wanted to protect mutants. He wanted to start his own Wakanda-like place for mutants. He wanted total segregation between mutants and humans. Magneto did not want to make deals with his oppressors at all. Magneto had that “Any Means Necessary” mentality against his oppressors. In the X-Men movies Michael Fassbender has played in he was always the standout character. 



The Dark Knight Rises is an overrated movie but Bane was the star of the show. The cool thing about Bane and The last 2 Batman films Christopher Nolan did was that Heath Ledger’s Joker was everything Batman wasn’t. Total opposites as you expect a hero and villain to be. Bane was everything Batman was but worse. Batman was fighting against a version of himself that was pure evil. Bane was just as resourceful as Batman was. Trained the same way under the league of shadows like Batman. Persuaded by darkness like Batman. That’s why when Bane says.. 

“You think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man by then it was nothing to me but blinding.”

He’s telling him “I’m you, but better.”

Bane was terrifying. Bane was everything Killmonger tried to be. 



This is a no brainer. I saved the best for last. This mothafucka erased half the fucking universe but these new Black Panther fans have the nerve to try to debate that Killmonger is better than Thanos. THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF THE MOVIE THANOS GAVE HULK A 30 PIECE FAMILY MEAL WITH A SIDE OF 12 BISCUITS, MASHED POTATOES, RED BEANS, AND A BOBBY LASHLEY POWER SLAM. KILLED LOKI. KILLED THE REMAINING ASGARDIANS AND MADE THOR LOOK LIKE A HUMAN. WHY IS THERE A FUCKING DEBATE? HOW?!! 

When MTV gave that award to Michael B. Jordan I laughed my ass off. It was pure comedy. Nobody believed that shit except the new Black Panther fans who didn’t even know who Thanos was before The M.C.U existed. 

Fuck the physicality and the power of Thanos. I’ll toss that to the side so I can show you just how trash Killmonger was. Character wise Thanos was SHITTING all over Killmonger. It’s not even close. They’re not in the same atmosphere. Thanos goal was to bring balance by erasing half of the universe. What made it crazy was that he made the reasoning for it debatable. In the comics Thanos is obsessed with death and just wants to destroy shit but in Infinity War Thanos has humanity. He actually bargains with The Avengers. He doesn’t want to fight. He just wants the infinity stones. In his mind Thanos sees his actions as justifiable. He feels that erasing half the universe is right. Not in an evil way but in a “lets cut the bullshit and stop destroying ourselves and just end it already” kinda way. Thanos gave off anti-hero and villain vibes all at once. It wasn’t about ruling the universe. My nigga just wanted to sit on his porch in peace. The depth of Thanos was insane and one the underrated gems about infinity war.  

Killmonger had the depth of a aint shit nigga in a Tyler Perry movie. Stop lying to yourselves. This nigga wasn’t a fucking revolutionary. The only way he wanted revolution was if he was the King and that’s not how revolution works. He was basically that fake ass Deray nigga who wears that dingy ass blue vest everywhere who profited off Ferguson. How in the fuck Killmonger claim to be about freeing his people from oppression but oppresses them the moment he becomes king? How is that admirable or compared to Malcolm X? How? Like my bro Patric said T’Challa vs M’Baku would’ve made for a better movie than T’Challa vs Killmonger. That last fight scene was so trash and you niggas know it. 

Black Panther is the most overrated film in recent memory. The impact and cinematography is good but the actual film is MID! Killmonger is MID! It’s just time to accept it. Shut the fuck up and accept it. 

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