My baby Tracy back thicker than the debt on my credit score. I need her.

Tracy was like “Nah nigga it’s job time. You going to that post office.”  

Here go Emmett complaining about a house that ain’t his. Nigga not even buying groceries and he complaining. 

In what universe did Brandon think it would be okay to set up shop in front of Sonny’s spot? What is this lil fat nigga doing? Emmett right. Go get a permit. He losing out on all money because he don’t have one. 

Sonny not coming back from no stroke bruh. He’ll survive but being on his feet all day at a restaurant ain’t happening. 

This White boy outta pocket for saying “Consequences” in regards to witnesses that testify. 

This black woman lawyer cold!!!! Lmaoooooooo!!!!  Should’ve known she sent that white boy. 

This black woman picking this case apart. I’m a start calling her “The Wolf.” She solves problems. 


Papa has at least one quote every episode. “Redoing the papa cave” was hilarious. If they actually kill him off on this show I’d be real life sad. 


The Wolf is the epitome of business not personal. Real Black Queen energy. She like fuck the dumb shit nigga I’m not your friend I’m beating these cases the fuck up cause I’m trying to own this law firm boo boo. This bout profits lil nigga.  Ronnie thought he had a friend. Hahahahaha. 

Letting Emmett run that chicken spot is like trusting me with a naked Rihanna and trusting me to not suck her titty if she asked. Niggas is failing. Emmett bout to run that shit into the ground. Sell the spot. 

What in the American pimp is this shit? Brandon serving Iceberg Slim’s. 

Seeing Granny in the hospital got me sad.  

Call me petty but I’m not letting no nigga without a job watch my child. Nigga gotta have something. A car. A pet. Something nigga. Something that shows responsibility. 

These all fake pimps. I don’t see one Becky at this repass. Pimps stay with Becky’s. 

As predicted Emmett running the place chicken spot into the ground and should be arrested for serving that burnt ass chicken to humans. Chicken was blacker than the bottom of Old Navy sandals. 

I told niggas the white lady was behind it. People always gotta hire black folks to follow through with evictions. 

We all need friends like Brandon cousin. I know he looks like he doesn’t use deodorant but gassing him up to cook in the competition is what real ones do. Can’t place limits on your gifts. 

Myesha situation sad as fuck. She gotta suffer because her parents not handling business. I see that type of shit way too often with teenage black girls. 

This white boy cop & his attitude gotta go. This muhfucka stay on his period. 

Brandon and Kevin bonding is such a “awwww” moment. Brandon has somebody that reminds him of Coogie. Someone he can mentor. 

Ronnie lost his damn mind. Nigga in the window like he the D.C sniper. 

Told the streets Ronnie was getting out. He institutionalized though. Prison really does fuck up your mind. If you never been around someone who just did a lot of time Just watch Shawshank Redemption. 

Aye man. Just pay the girl the money for the dentist. Some battles aren’t worth fighting. 


This white boy has lost his mind. Why would you risk your career over a mistake you made? Choking Ronnie goofy ass out not helping you with shit. 

Why isn’t papa in church? If his daddy a preacher his ass would be in there playing the drums or in the front row next to his momma with her big ass crown. He wouldn’t be in the streets selling candy bars. 

Ronnie really called Brandon.  

Tracy broke up with Ronnie which isn’t shocking but all this nigga had to do was get a job, keep his hands to himself and he could’ve kept the yams. What a loser. 

I Can’t front if I was Emmett I’d hit too. Toxic relationship pussy do be DELICIOUS. Is it worth it? No. But when you get it you understand why you risk your mental health for it. Especially when you don’t particularly like the person it makes for a better fuck. Sounds insane and twisted but it’s true. 

Brandon gets to compete and hopefully that nigga win because he’s the King of L’s. 

I wonder if Ronnie will have PTSD from prison just like he did from being in the army? Dude bout to go through hell for getting that case thrown out. 

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