It’s 2019. Who gave Big Boss Jake this prison tattoo? I’m convinced Angry Trap Nigga did that shit in the kitchen. 

It’s sad Jake don’t even know what he bang for. 95% of these kids don’t know why they’re in a gang. 

Wait a day or 2 and bail him out. Parking tickets not shit. Free Big Mike.

This idiot Emmett threw water on a grease fire. Sonny daughter gone kick this boy ass. What the hell Jada been teaching this nigga? 

Aye if you drinking fireball you really an alcoholic. No human drinks Fireball unless they’re dedicated to drinking so much that they deserve their own episode on “Intervention.” 

I have a feeling this politician man wouldn’t have come to that open house if it were men showing the condo space. Now I agree with him about gentrification and Mrs.Brown being worst than white folks, But I feel he was out of line trying to do it while they were minding their business and handling their business. Just keep it professional and meet elsewhere. Peanut M&M head ass boy. 

Is Big Boss Jake the only person that rep 63rd at his school? He can’t be. That nigga always outnumbered. 

This the first time where I endorse selling drugs. Go sell some pills to some white kids Emmett or some weed. 

The fat boy really had no hands. Angry Trap Nigga makes a speech every episode. He has no control over anything. These niggas just doing what they want and ain’t making no money. 

Big Boss Jake really Russy Simmons with Future dreads. I have a feeling he gone do something incredibly stupid to prove his loyalty to his gang in the future. 

Brandon really don’t have any social media promoting his taco truck. Jesus H Christ this nigga gets on my nerves. No wonder he don’t get no business. I will give Emmett credit. He got a hustler spirit he just don’t know how to channel it and keep it legit. 

Maisha fuck around and be a lawyer out of FAMU. Black Women from the hood are always overachieve. 

Emmett was tripping how he bring this PT Cruiser head ass nigga into his daddy crib with his kids. That’s super disrespectful. His pops had every right to scream on that boy. I want no parts of a black man over 40 who wears a bluetooth ear piece and a velour suit. Them niggas got Hulk strength and replace a car transmission in 25 minutes flat. 

Brandon gotta be the oldest young nigga I ever seen. Nigga fell asleep at the wheel on some Homer Simpson shit.

Ronnie know damn well he wasn’t healing while he was locked up he was in there drinking hooch out of the toilet made by Ray Gibson. Why he lying to my boo Tracy like this? I’m a let it slide though cause the nigga trying to do right. 

Tracy living and eating like a college student with food stamps. Depression real. You never get over losing someone but when violence is involved it’s a whole other animal. You gotta have closure but not have closure. It’s hard to explain. 

Emmett and Jason would make a good team hustling they both possess what the other lacks so I’m not mad at Jason letting Emmett run his truck. Emmett is creative. 

Papa came in like he was in the “One More Chance” remix video. My lil nigga got the sauce formal. The cane set that fit all the way off. Accessories do be key. 

Kevin a real one. Rode for his homie. Teachers be tripping. Why would you try to get him to snitch in front of everybody. You putting his life in danger. 

When Papa got up clean after the food fight I said “Alexa play Not A Stain On Me by Big Tuck” 

A macaroni taco sounds fire as fuck. Chicago has a lot of great food except the chicken with the mild sauce I had. That was overrated but there are hella fire ass restaurants in the Chi. 

Emmett daddy is outta pocket. My nigga said “I need to reimbursed for my 18 years.” Dude said he was only 25 years old like that shit was 17 or something. Aye man this nigga ain’t shit. I’m hollering. He gone kick Emmett out real soon. I see it coming. My nigga is in full mode “Dre” mode right now. Every Dre with a velour suit has at least 7 kids and still out in the streets. 

Mrs.Brown gone call the police in the future. Watch. That shit not gone end well and somebody gone get hurt cause the police be acting like bitches. She called her people terrorists. Lord this woman is the devil. 

Damn this place couldn’t provide plates? That’s weird as fuck. Chicago rich as hell they better provide some damn plates. 

Brandon lying ass with this bullshit ass story about eating out the pot. Old white people gullible as hell. 

This camera man petty as fuck. Lmaoooooo!! 

“Real niggas don’t smile” - Okay this nigga Big Boss Jake might be a future psycho. 

Maisha came in and threw glitter on herself like she Tinkerbell. I’m weak. 

I knew this nigga Emmett was gone have Brandon truck booming. 

Douda the worst kinda nigga man. He out here fronting like he care about the community. Nigga look like he could’ve been in the Temptations movie. I bet his pizza trash. 

I was so into Ronnie changing his life I forgot he killed Coogie and he gotta deal with how the streets respond to him being out. My nigga walked out the corner store with the “I got my black queen back walk” just to get a loogie spat in his face. In the words of Dave Chappelle, Tough luck nigga there’s always fubu. 

Damn Kevin pops died. He has the craziest childhood. 

I told you these niggas was behind this shit for them white people. Shit disgusting man. And what the fuck you soldiering up for? The police on yo ass. 


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