Aye I’m here to review shit.

Don’t act brand new.

Anyway. Love, Sucks.


I heard “Seat Back” about a month ago…. Yes that’s a exclusive “I’m a connected nigga” flex. When I heard it I started to think about how I leave the seat back in every shorty car I’m in. Especially if I’m not in a relationship with them. I guess I subconsciously wanna irk their whole roster. A real SelfCareBoy mark their territory by leaving seats back. If she has to be Evette and argue with the “Jody” in their life that’s not your concern. I leave cool shit in women cars like frooties, the smell of my cologne and liquor so they never upset about me leaving their seat back. This my favorite song on the EP. 


All I know is that there was NO Scorpio slander thus proving we’re the coolest sign in the universe. This song reminds me of the fact that 90% of human population cannot have sex without strings attached. This song just reminded me that I plan to suck shorties toes this summer and just leave without saying anything. 


If there was ever a soundtrack to laying your head on titties it’s “Laid Up.” I’m currently sitting on top of my refrigerator caking to this song right now. Let’s see how I can stretch this out until she finds out I ain’t shit, I have no plans of being with her and that I enjoy watching “Cheers.” I think watching Cheers would piss anybody off but fuck yall that’s my shit. Sam the homie.


Crazy women hella funny. They could literally pop up at my crib and walk in on me fucking a shorty and say “Boy you funny. You hungry?” I don’t deal with crazy shit at this stage of my life but when I was young that shit was fun. Back then the pussy just hit different if she was crazy. Plus crazy women really hate you and when she hate you the sex is super lit like having 4 untouched Thanksgiving plates saved for you and 3 blunts. Sir Eddie got off on this by the way. I didn’t share a handshake with anybody but bitch I made you a playlist and it was flame. You can’t do me like this. I put Anita Baker and Project Pat on there. Show me some respect. 


Aye bruh I got broke up with while watching “The Wire” and it’s kinda hard to give a fuck when you’re watching the greatest tv show of all time. I don’t care what she thinks at a time like this. Omar coming nigga. Don’t feel bad KV. Ice cream overrated. Only Ice Cream we respect is the song where the philosopher Method Man said “Ice cold bitches melt down when they in the clutch and want they titties sucked.” Like this the most non playa shit I’ve ever heard. You took somebody out for ice cream to break up with them? You spent money instead of making a phone call and saving 15% by switching to geico. You new niggas hella weird man. 

Very solid first project. Dope production from Blair. I like projects that are easy to listen to and Love Sucks provides that. 

I had the amazing honor of seeing KV perform this project and it was one of the coolest show experiences ever. Very intimate. Fun. I was drinking on some top shelf cognac and being annoyingly arrogant at The Monocle. Meeting new people. Shoutout to all the openers of the show yall all was raw. My favorite moments of the night were Uncle representing and bringing KV out. When you got Unk in your corner business getting done on bluetooth headsets and you never going hungry cause Unk a real one. I liked the “Seat Back” performance and The B.A.N performance. I can see thick real bitches singing B.A.N across the world. It was KV first time performing and you would’ve never known it if she hadn’t mentioned it. The confidence. The crowd control. The connection. The energy. Definitely looked like a natural and a veteran performer. I definitely went home on a high after the Love Sucks show.

From the best rollout I’ve ever seen for a project to the actual show everything was just very innovative and felt really original. The blogging, the photo shoots, the one minute videos, the magazine, the turn out of the show. I think a trend and bar was set. It didn’t feel like she was copying anybody. KV has her own lane. 

Thank You KV. None of this surprises me. You’ve always inspired me and others and you’re just going to keep getting better and better. 


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