Entrepreneur Emmett know how to build up every other business except his own life. And that’s the tea.

Brandon is the living epitome of that nigga that works in offices always stressed with their tie crooked and undone and ain’t made shit and they names be Gil or Chester or something weird like that.

Shoutout to Kevin knowing how to tie a tie. Im grown as fuck and I’d lynch myself if I tried to put a tie on.

Papa disrespectful for that Tchalla pops line. 

Damn why this nigga Papa pops so angry for? Ain’t that nigga a preacher? And if my pops used diddly daddling in a sentence he’d never beat the black off anything. I’d be like “Nigga why you talking like Ned Flanders?”  

Shirley called Barbara and now Barbara taking it out on Kevin momma. It’s an evil world we live in.

If Kiesha don’t get her extra dramatic ass on. You never take the side against your momma. That’s fake. 

Emmett is literally saving this nigga Brandon.

This nigga Emmett said “Easier Said Than Done” on pulling out & I never related so much to a quote on this show in my life. Practice safe sex kids.

The freezer breaking is right on schedule. Brandon has worse luck than Eugene on Hey Arnold. 

Why in the fuck is your stash house known & why is the money & drugs in the same spot & why is a child running the trap house? Reg is stupid.

Fuck that cop for punching that boy while he was cuffed. I officially hate her now. 

Shoutout to Val for getting dick and walking the Chicago streets humming “Living My Life Like It’s Golden” by Jill Scott.

You never sell the 3’s. Sell those Yeezy’s. Emmett tripping but he clutch.

Yeah the white cop was right. Punching that boy while he was handcuffed was bogus and foul.

If this lil girl Kiesha don’t sit down & mind her business. 

Aye man what if they jump Ronnie in this place?

Angry Trap Nigga needs to get angry. He’s a terrible boss. None of his shit is ran right and Big Mike would’ve been out of jail for some traffic tickets. Bring him back.  

Ronnie fixed the A.C. If you never been in a heatwave and lived in a crib without A.C I’m telling you now that shit is torture. This coming from a skinny nigga.

Why is she sitting on Angry Trap Nigga crib and making it so obvious. I know he know she’s there.

This nigga Douda is Gus from Breaking Bad.

Her dumbass finally realized Angry Trap Nigga played her. You think this nigga gone do some stupid shit after getting raided.

Papa tripping. If Papa hit the weed this nigga would turn into James Baldwin. 

Jada got the titties out for her son. Sad. I ain’t know Jada titties were on Godly levels like this. We’re blessed ladies and gentlemen.

Kevin wanna vent hella bad. He need the therapy now more than ever.

No this lil girl did not post a child support check on instagram. Aye man I rather go to hell than have Emmett’s life. Emmett first baby momma is clearly 43 years old. She a cougar. Emmett other baby momma look like she makes fire collard greens.

The Company on some Pablo Escobar shit. This nigga who look like the voodoo man from the first chunky movie is hella connected. Got the flat screen in the cell with a Colonel Mustard reading chair.

MY NIGGA! Yes old man, EXACTLY!!!! Shorty got YAMS. Im talking baked macaroni touching the yams on the plate type YAMS!

Kiesha got mad cause Kevin was right. Once you get off subject and start flaming a nigga hairline you know you wrong.

“Can’t isolate ya self bruh. That’s when things go wrong” - That’s hella real Rafiq. 

Kevin & Brandon bond over the loss of his father 

Nigga said “My daddy just died sex.” I’m weak. Emmett really chose to cuddle and respected his friendship with Kiesha. That’s King shit right there. Emmett undefeated this episode. This is rare.

Kevin finally cried. Gotta let it out man. I low-key cry every time I get a lining too because my barber be having my lining looking DELICIOUS!!!

You heard what Douda said? What did i just say earlier? You never keep drugs and money in the same spot. Once the money come in move it immediately. 

Douda sonning this nigga and yes Angry Trap Nigga is a terrible big brother. Now Douda bout to go fuck with Brandon. This nigga Brandon can’t ever win.

I was about to give Emmett the map of this episode but Jada’s titties are the mvp of this episode. Ronnie forgot about the perfection that is Tracy when he seen Jada pull up to the crib.

Emmett dropping gems about business and entrepreneurship. Gotta run your race. You the same as the niggas who got money you just gotta stay solid and keep working. But damn that nigga Douda got 30 pizza spots. I would’ve been got out the dope game if I had 30 spots. Douda bout to fuck these niggas lives up.


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