All narcissists can suck a dick. Here are 15 reasons why no one likes narcissists and they smell like zoo cages.

Male or Female all these mothafuckas have issues with their moms. I’m talking terrible relationships with their moms. It’s their fault too. Now everybody may have bumps in the road with their parents but majority of people still have some type of relationship. These weirdos do not. 

They think they know EVERY FUCKING THING. These dweebs will argue you down even when they’re wrong as fuck just to drain your energy because they have no fucking life, point, or purpose. You’ll never reach a consensus with a narcissist. The argument will just be on hold forever and will never end. 

Narcissists have the originality of a Trump voter. They have no creative bone in their body. They have no juice or wave. They fits be trash. Their style is generic. They can never be jiggy. They think name brand shit automatically means they have style. They’re into basic shit like meme’s. There’s no depth to their conversation because they have the personality of a Buick vehicle.

All they do is use use use. Take take take. Basically they those niggas that drop shorties off at their job so they can use their car or the type that takes a shorty house or apartment hostage and just sit in that mothafucka all day not doing shit but being on social media. Niggas be homeless as fuck with no money, no ambition, all these niggas own is a Facebook account, a cell phone, and toxic mental issues. 

They love to hear themselves talk. They love to talk about themselves. They literally will takeover any conversation with their bullshit. They have to pollute the air with the nonsense they talk about. They can never just shut the fuck up. Your views or thoughts do not matter to them. 

If you don’t give a narcissist attention prepare for a fucking tantrum because they’re adults in age but they’re children. A 4 year old has more fucking maturity than a narcissist. Everything they do is for attention. They have to keep up appearances because they care what people think. If they don’t get attention be prepared for your day or night to be ruined. Everything is a show. They must be seen. They must be heard. Lord forbid if someone is not thinking about them or paying attention to them. They might have a fucking seizure. 

You ever see a person who look good but doing bad? Yup Narcissist. They are Kings and Queens of False Imagery. They flaunt things in their life to strangers for approval when behind closed doors it’s really falling apart. So they could flaunt a job but they really struggling financially. They could flaunt a relationship but the person they’re in a relationship with feels like they’re in hell. They could flaunt their social status but truly be the loneliest person in the world. Everything is perception. Their lives are an illusion and full of delusion. 

They’re drama filled ass bitches. They thrive off drama. Their life is centered and revolves around drama. Then they question the drama. Never take accountability for their part in the drama and then blame the reason they started the drama on somebody else. It never fails. If there is drama I bet they started it somehow someway and then will turn around and play the victim. They’ll justify the drama. 

Their circle is just as bad as they are. So the only type of people that hang around narcissists are other hoe ass narcissists. Yes these weird mothafuckas run in packs. They’re all “Yes men.” They never call each other out on their bullshit. They contribute to each other’s bullshit. 

Fraud, Liars, Cheaters, All thee above. Take a pick. Whatever you think they lied about they did that shit. 

They have the intellect of Patrick from Spongebob so when you explain what a boundary is and set a boundary they will probably stare into space and drool like a fucking moron. They have no respect for boundaries. Literally no respect for anything. Just name it. Physical space? Nope. Your possessions? Nope. Your feelings? Nope. They have such a lack of respect for people but yet wants respect in return. 

Entitlement. Only narcissists feelings matter. In their sick minds they deserve special treatment for being dickheads. They will never reciprocate what they ask other people for. The world revolves around them and them only. 

They always think somebody can’t live without them when in reality they hold people back and people actually do better without them in their life. They know that people prosper without them that’s why they try to put people down as much as possible and guilt them to stay near. Remember the scene in “What’s Love Got To Do With It” where Ike Turner was clearly a bum with a nice car and cocaine habit and he’s begging for Tina Turner back but when Tina says “Nah nigga I’m good” he start to say her show ain’t shit, her career is nothing without him but she had her biggest hits without him? Yeah that’s Narcissism 101. 

You can’t have no other friends around these dorks. They believe that they’re the only friend they need so you have to spend every fucking moment with them. They are the biggest advocates of time rape. 

You’re the bad person always.  So it can be a co-worker that’s a narcissist that you didn’t get along with they will be sure to spread the word that you’re the fucked up one when you did nothing wrong. It can be a friendship that went bad and they will do their best to convince the world that you’re crazy when they were the crazy one. If they actually put all that energy in actually being a better friend they would actually not be miserable. 

Moral of the story I will never be cool with narcissists or narcissism so don’t bring those people around me. If you want to reach your potential or find peace in your life get rid of the narcissists in your life or you’ll never get far. Fuck them. 


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