They’re many types of self care. I wrote a song bout it. Like to hear it here it goes. 


Sometimes you gotta be a realest nigga in it and buy everything on your wish list. Fuck it. It’s just money. You’ll make that shit back if you really a trapper. I think the issue people come across that they do this shit every other week instead every blue moon. Buy that fit and treat yourself to whatever your interpretation of a good ass night is. Buy that camera and start that photography hobby you always wanted. Buy 10 books. Buy a bunch of new fits and book a photo shoot to show em off. Why should bills get all the attention? Bills only exist to cause confusion in your life. I treat bills like I’m a deadbeat parent. I pay child support and disappear. Bills is the child I’m abandoning. I gave you some money now leave me alone as I make my way to bottomless mimosas. Pay yourself first, pay those ugly ass bills, then buy the shit you want. 


Aye fuck your job. Work on your business, brand, club, music, whatever the fuck you do outside of it while on the clock. I go to my job with the mindset of “Damn they really paying me to figure out how I’m gone quit this bitch.” If you look at it like that, it makes that shit less annoying. That’s how you self care on company time. I also like letting my co-workers know that they’re not allowed to follow me on social media. It’s so much fun. The shit that annoys you about your job make a mental note about it so you won’t copy that shit when it comes to whatever you really want to do for a living. Be the person that says “No” to everything at work. My job already know not to contact me about shit if I’m off cause they already know the answer is no. No need to tell them “Per my email.” They already know what the fuck going on. 


Everyday I think it’s important to tell people to shut the fuck up in your head or out loud and then block them from your life. When you navigate social media you control a big percentage of what you want to see. Sculpt your timeline the way you want. I mute everybody. Even my friends. My friends say some stupid shit sometimes. Don’t mean I don’t love em. They’re just annoying on social media. The more negative and argumentative people you remove from your life the better your social life becomes. Your social circle should only consist of progressive human beings and animals. Clean all your social media. You should only be seeing funny, cute, and smart shit every day. Try to have one meaningful conversation with one person you truly care about once a week. Communication is a big part of self care that we don’t talk about enough. It’s very healthy and soothing for the mind when it’s done correctly. 


I wake up and tell myself that I am that nigga and that I’m pretty as fuck. I only have time for pretty creative nigga things, so that’s how I schedule my day. I do a bunch of shit that lives up to me being a creative sexy mothafucka. I love getting to know myself daily. I am amazed at the shit that’s great about me and amazed at my flaws. Knowing yourself is some life long shit. A lot of people either say dumb shit or do dumb shit because they don’t know themselves. You rarely see a piece of shit actually admit that they are a piece of shit. It’s because they’re in denial about who they are at their core and they truly do not know themselves. They have an identity crisis. That’s why they’re so many copy and paste ass people in society. Also I try to make time for my hobbies. I love diving and searching for music I’ve never heard before. I try to find a song I’ve never heard and enjoy at least once a week. 


I close my eyes and think of black women or a left titty. That’s my form of meditation. I journal how I feel spiritually. If my spirit feels weary I write down what I believe are the causes. I pray a few times a day. I enjoy being grateful for never having a mohawk or being buff. I like to imagine myself as Fiji water when I meditate. That’s my goal in life. When people encounter me I want them to think of Fiji water. I wanna make people feel like they’re high listening to lo-fi music when they speak to me. Spending time alone is also essential for spiritual self care. Give your spirit room to breathe and then go get some weed. 


First step for emotional self care is to forgive everybody. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to hang with them or tolerate them. Forgiveness is a process for you to move on. People who miserable want people to be miserable with them. You have better things to do with your time than hold grudges. You can’t hold your blessings if your hands full of grudges. Be kind to people. You can still choose yourself and be kind to people. Never let nobody take you out of your element or allow you to get unfocused. Continuing to show emotional maturity will never not be cool as fuck. People who have emotional maturity enjoy bringing peace to other people lives. You have to understand that your feelings do not run the world and taking responsibility of ourselves is the key. I can go all day about emotional maturity so I’ll stop and write another post about it and drop it tomorrow. But in short, Stress is the enemy and anyone who brings stress is not worth you getting out of character for. 


A lot of people spaces be messy as fuck and never clean. Shit looking like an episode of hoarders. That shit is not healthy. When all you see is clutter your brain will copy what surrounds it. Coming home after a long day and my space is clean feels amazing. All I gotta worry about is food and what playlist I’m bout to listen to. 


I do one physical activity a day unless I’m sick. If I know I’m bout to eat bad I make sure I eat something healthy that day. Sleep is also a huge factor. Operating on 4-5 hours of sleep is un-wavy. Your body suffering. I wish I knew this in my 20’s. All I was doing was eating fast food everyday, fucking and not sleeping. Titties, Tacos, and Tiredness. Every damn day. That’s not a great life unless I have instagram models trying to be my baby momma money. You gotta take the advice of Rico in Paid In Full. Get you some rest some soup and you’ll be upbeat in these streets. Do some yoga, go for walks and think about the ending of Cowboy Bebop and why Steve Lacy is a more outgoing version of Frank Ocean. Get your body moving everyday. 


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