The internet hyped this anime up so that’s how I caught wind of it. Read up on it and it’s an anime that was created off a kickstarter by Lesean Thomas based off a comic. 

Cannon Busters is about 3 random immortal personalities going on these random adventures in a world that’s full of super advance technology and magic. One of the interesting things about the show is the world that the 3 main characters inhabit. You never know what the fuck you’re going to see. They’re driving in a car that is operated like an arcade machine and turns in to a mech robot. Their world is really out there. The sci-fi western setting is really dope.

It’s definitely a anime that wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve. Traces of Avatar, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Outlaw Star can be found. 

You have Sam who is probably the best all around character mainly because she’s the one with an actual goal which is to find her owner/best friend Prince Kelby. 

Philly The Kid who’s an immortal man who don’t really care bout much except food, sex, not getting killed because of his bounty. 

Casey is an old model robot who’s a mechanic and she collects junk and tries to fix it. She’s another great character because her reasoning and belief in saving every piece of junk she comes across is parallel to her life. Her model has no use in this world of Cannon Busters and there’s even an episode in this season that highlights that fact. She doesn’t belief she should be discarded and not be used so she feels the same about the junk she collects. 

But here are the flaws of this anime.


First is the story. The story is too basic for me. It’s too generic. I’m not saying shit has to be super complex but I never felt once that the anime had me at the edge of my seat or made me wish that I wrote it. The show has some good action sequences and a lot of humorous moments but as the season went on I was looking for the story to take either take it up a notch or take a surprising turn and it did neither. Take Trigun for example. Trigun starts off goofy and the pacing for it isn’t the greatest in the beginning but when Legato comes on the episode “Diablo” you feel a shift and it’s just masterful from that point on. This storyline tries to connect Philly and Sam’s past through flashbacks and it’s really lazy and it’s not interesting. It’s not executed well. A giant robot destroys Kelby and Sam’s home and no one seems to know why. The giant just appears out of nowhere despite Kelby’s kingdom being the most technically advanced kingdoms in the series. So how this giant penetrated their defenses is beyond me. I’m gonna assume the magic is the reason. 

Second is the villain. My lord King Bulgher is terrible. I really love stories with great intriguing villains. Nothing was interesting about the villain. Even his powers were dull and his motivation was boring. He looked so trash too. He was awful. His assassins were more interesting. 

The Prince was the most annoying character of the show. Every time I seen him I rolled my eyes. The fact that the anime was following him for a bulk of it bothered me because I knew I wasn’t going to get any quality content if he was involved. All around terrible fucking character.

Philly The Kid character isn’t really good. Actually he’s pretty bad. I like him from an aesthetic standpoint (mommy look, I used aesthetic in a sentence) but that’s where it ends. He’s an anti hero with no interesting qualities except his curse that allows him to be immortal. He has ZERO skill. Without his cool car that turns into a mecha he’s pretty useless. He has no clear action scenes where I think he’s a bad mothafucka. I cannot see how he’s the most wanted outlaw in this anime. Vash The Stampede was the most wanted in Trigun because he destroyed an entire city. On top of that Vash gun skills are the best in the series setting. Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop is a smooth martial artist, former hitman with amazing gun skills. Philly The Kid is just an immortal whining weirdo with 2 guns for no reason. He’s a character with no redeeming qualities so in the end when the series tries to make him a sympathetic figure when it comes to his parents and wanting to kill Prince Kelby I don’t take him serious or feel anything. 

The violence is hit or miss. It reminds me of The Boondocks where it takes the graphic violence but try to make light of it with Sam and Casey’s cluelessness. They joke around with it so much that in the end it was hard for me as the viewer to take anything seriously moving forward. 

The anime is a fun watch as far as the animation and some action sequences but this anime really holds no weight. It won’t be an all timer. I just except it for what it is. It’s a cool watch with a great intro song. 

2 outta 5 fruit snacks 

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